We want you to spend less and eliminate stress!

Having the best doesn't mean you have to pay more. Almost all of our suits and tuxedos are under $200 and since we have so many options, we can work with mostly any budget. Madeleine's Daughter Brides get a free groom rental and 10% off everyone else. If the bride did not get her dress at Madeleine's Daughter, don't worry...the groom is still free if you book 8 or more suits or tuxedos!

There's also value in how we can minimize your wedding planning stress! Most couples think that getting suits or tuxedos at a nationwide store is the easiest option if their groomsmen are in different places, but that just means getting random suits from all different stores and wondering if everything will be right. We make it easy and stress-free...all you have to do is pick out what you want, have them send us their measurements, and we will put together exactly what they need. That way, everything will be from one store, you can be confident there won't be any mistakes, and you can avoid any last minute disasters!